My goal is to provide entrepreneurs with the support needed to pursue their passions, without losing track of their why.

For over 10 years, I worked in corporate America creating systems, problem solving and developing strategies to ensure efficiency. Despite my successes, I found myself unfulfilled. 

Then, out of nowhere it hit me. My Epiphany!

I realized I could use this skill set for small businesses, people I could relate to and grow to know…missions that aligned with my own.

Services Offered


Project Management
and more!


Social Media
Business Cards
and more!


General consulting

Consider me your business partner for an hour.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you Kiana for taking the ideas we were playing with & adding your touch to create our business logo. We appreciate your help with teaching us how to use Canva."
Paul & Shayona F.
Strength & Dignity Life Coaching and Consulting LLC
"If you are a business owner, such as myself, you know the daily demands of operating. A small business ALWAYS wears multiple hats. Sometimes all those hats get too heavy, but you can't afford or don't have a team. That is where Kiana comes in! Kind, patient, and full of ideas, she will help you with daunting tasks every business owner must tackle. Allow her to assist you. She's helped me tremendously, allowing me to focus on the creative side of my business that I love. Whether its picking her brain or hiring her to assist with research, her services are worth every penny."
Amber W.
"It was such a pleasure to work with Kiana. Professional, efficient & knowledgeable. She shifted and narrowed my focus by asking the right questions to bring my vision into fruition. No task was too big or too small -- everything matters to her because it matters to her clients."
Shartara M.